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Thiết bị dạy ngoại ngữ HL 5800
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HL-5800 Digital Language Laboratory system


 HL-5800 Digital language laboratory  system, which adopts advanced digital and network technology, this system hardware kernel adopts international standard, so.the language laboratory system has excellent advantage and stability.HL-5800  Multi-media digital language laboratory system not only contains the main function of traditional analogue learning system, but also avoids the audio-serial disturb problems and the frequent mechanical failure. Further more, HL-5800 language laboratory system is with powerful examination and test paper edition function.Another prominent advantage is this HL-5800 digital language laboratory system has an USB port on student machine and it can play the MP3 file in the student machine and record the voice from teacher


HL-5800 Digital Language Laboratory main function 

1) Broadcast teaching function 
2) Teacher lecture 
3) Teacher ask question 
4) Dialogue individually 
5) Students raise hand 
6) Outside media play 
7) Student's demonstration 
8) Grouping teaching function 
9) Group meeting 
10) Teacher monitor 
11) Teacher explain 
12) Standardization exam function 
13) Listening exam 
14) Random exam 
15) Powerful A/B paper exam 
16) Powerful Oral exam 
17) Exam analysis 
18) Self-study function 
19) Audio order 
20) Text order 
21) Repeat 
22) Exam by oneself 
23) Consult dictionary

24) Class name edit

25) Student name edit

26) E-board

27) USB port on student machine,can record

        teacher's voice to USB memory


HL-5800 Digital Language Laboratory main console function      

1) Can broadcast the courses to students.

2) Interactive discussion between students and teachers.

3) Appoint 1 to 4 students to demonstrate to all students

4) Monitor the discussion between students.

5) Appoint 1 to 4 students as the interpreters to do interpretation.

6) Appoint 2 or 4 students as a group to discuss.

7) Play audio files as teaching material and let student type what they heard by keyboard.

8) There are 8 open multimedia channels for students to listen freely. Teacher can appoint channel to selected students.

9) Standard Exam: A / B test paper (double-subject test papers), online quiz, normal exam environment, real time grade, test result analysis and print test paper out.

10) Oral Exam: Teacher can appoint 1 to 4 students to have oral exam.

11) Quiz Mode: Teacher can do on line quiz in class to understand the students' learning condition.

12) Teachers can load TXT file or input the message to transmit text to students via E-board. Audio files can  be broadcasted at the same time.

13) Teaching Materials Edit: Teacher can do oral recording by microphone or load MP3 and add text to make  a synchronized teaching material. When teacher play the edited audio file, the text will be shown on the student unit simultaneously.

14) Class management: Teacher can edit and save the class information such as layout and student names. Teacher can load the saved data accordingly, the student icon will automatically shows student numbers or names.

15) Exam Analysis: The system can collect student answer s of multiple choice questions and auto the results. The students' composition will also be collected and allow teacher manually adding the score.